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About Us

We are a group of parents, siblings and caregivers of people with Down syndrome -- who have teamed up with fabulous self-advocates. We have been active to promote better policy for COVID vaccine prioritization for our people and others with developmental disabilities.

This campaign was created by author and health care advocate Sue Robins and her husband Mike. Our son Aaron has Down syndrome.

Every day we are joined by more and more advocates across Canada.

Countries around the world and many US states already include vaccine priority for these vulnerable people. But here in Canada, it has been a struggle to get our provincial governments to do the right thing and implement the medically necessary policies to protect our families. 

We are raising awareness on this issue and hope to count on your support!

For more information see our Ready For My Shot Backgrounder / Document d'information (English / French) -- and please join our email list for updates.

Thank you.

It has to start somewhere,

it has to start sometime
What better place than here,

what better time than now?

- Rage Against the Machine     



  • Campaign Leadership by our 29 self-advocates from across Canada.

  • Photography by the amazing Ryan Walter Wagner.

  • Graphic Design from supah-skilled Aaron Mumby.

  • Gifs by the dynamic duo Tyler McLeod and Edgar McLeod.

  • Our Research Lead is Dr. Yona Lunsky, without whom we'd be lost.

  • Additional research by the terrific Tara Hogue Harris.

  • Produced by Bird Communications, Burnaby, BC.

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