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Articles, Papers, Resources

The following research reports and articles have authoritative information on COVID vaccination issues.

Ready for My Close-Up

“Emma has a real fear of needles and Ready for My Shot got her engaged in a conversation about her own health. She saw others getting their shots and it was a way to talk to her about getting a needle.”


Minimizing distress for people with developmental disabilities

People who have challenging behaviours might need some accommodations to get the vaccine. This resource has some ideas to help minimize distress (.pdf).


Answers for Caregivers

Caregivers, do you have questions about the vaccine? This summary provides some of the answers you need (.pdf).


Caregivers play a big part

This excellent and comprehensive resource is for Caregivers as they prepare people with developmental disabilities for their COVID shot. Covers planning, accommodations and more.


Vaccination Position Statement - Down Syndrome

The experts say people with Down syndrome are at risk of complications if they get COVID. Getting the vaccine is recommended for most people. Read a detailed vaccination position statement here: #ReadyForMyShot (262)


The Last 25 Percent

Almost three-quarters of Toronto adults have received their first vaccine. Next comes the hard part.


Disability and Health Journal

COVID-19 positivity rates, hospitalizations and mortality of adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ontario, Canada


COVID-19 death rate more than double for Ontarians with intellectual, developmental disabilities

New data lays bare a reality that experts and leaders in the disability sector have been warning about for much of the pandemic.


People with Ds at highest risk of breakthrough infections

Down syndrome is rated the highest risk of Covid-19 hospitalisation and death in new study.

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