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This page contains easy to read, practical information on how people with developmental disabilities can overcome vaccination challenges.

Video Resources

Live Your Best Life is a story of overcoming fear of vaccination in order to live life better. Fantastic performances from self-advocates Aaron, Jeevan and Darryl, and friend Edgar, plus a cameo from Emma! Play


Version Française: Play

Described Video Version: Play

Low Sensory (No Audio) Version: Play 

Merci to Alexandre Grant for the French translation, and thanks to Tara Hogue Harris for the described video voicing!

Free Poster Resource

We have a free poster (in French and English) available for download. Featuring self-advocates Sanjiv, Aaron, Darryl, Jeevan and Emma. Download  your size and language:

H-CARDD Resources

The H-CARDD group have excellent booklets for anyone that wants to learn more about COVID vaccines.


Click here to access the information.

HCARDD Booklets.png

Thank You!


The current phase of our campaign has ended. Please read our wrap-up email for details.

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