Sample Letter

Copy and paste this text into your own letter.

Dear <insert title> <insert government representative name>:


<Explain why you are writing and a few words about your family. Reference Down syndrome or your loved one's developmental disability.>


I am writing to you as the mom of a young man with Down syndrome. 


<Tell why you are concerned and reference your own province’s vaccination priority from their website>


I am concerned that there has not been specific mention of people with Down syndrome on the Vaccine Phases on the BC Government website.

<Include scientific evidence>

There is evidence from other countries that people with Down syndrome are at high risk of both catching COVID and dying from it.  Here is a good summary of the research:

<Add what action you want the government to take>

I would like to see the BC Government prioritize older people with Down syndrome (over 40) for the vaccine and then prioritize adults 18 – 39 for it as well.  People with Down syndrome have a shortened life expectancy, so if they have to wait for the age-based recommendations, very elderly people with Down syndrome close to the end of their life (say, in their 50’s) will be waiting with the general population.  This is not equitable and is in fact discriminatory against disabled people with shortened life expectancies.

<Say thank you and give an expectation that you will hear back>

I look forward to hearing back from you and continue to appreciate your outreach with your constituents like myself.


<your name>

<your city and province>