Ready For My... Selfie!

For adults (16+) with developmental disabilities only.


Update Mar 5: We are needing submissions from Saskatchewan, the Maritimes and Quebec. We have a few from Alberta and Manitoba but happy to take more from those provinces too! We have quite a few from BC and Ontario - we'll take more but we may not provide back to you for a few days.

Upload a selfie to show the government and health people that you are ready for your COVID vaccine. 


We will put your picture on this website,  and you might be on our social media too! 

Here is how to do it:


  1. Wear a short-sleeved shirt and roll up one of the sleeves. 

  2. Take a selfie or have someone take your picture for you. Use pictures of Aaron above as examples.

  3. Use a plain wall or closed door as your background. And make sure your face is in good light so we can see you!

  4. Serious face or a smiling face - up to you!

  5. Fill out the form below. Include your name and email address, and also tell us why you need the COVID vaccine.

  6. Add your province (optional).

  7. Check the box to give us consent to use your photo and words in the Ready for My Shot campaign.

  8. Click Upload Photo button to upload your photo.

That's it! We will email you when your photo is live on the website! 

Upload Photo

Thanks for submitting!

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