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Severe or profound learning disabilities or severe developmental delay (Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and others)

British Columbia  

Policy includes significant developmental disability, such as adults with Down’s Syndrome and other conditions.


MB have added priority for people with Ds age 50 to 64 - but are silent on younger adults and other developmental disabilities.

New Brunswick  

Guidance for health professionals now includes reference to Down syndrome as a complex medical condition eligible for early vaccination.

Newfoundland & Labrador

NL has some reference to 'very significant developmental disabilities' but it is exclusionary and prioritization is weak.

Northwest Territories

Residents living with disabilities (intellectual or physical) and their caregivers

Nova Scotia  

No references to Down syndrome or developmental disability.


All residents eligible on 10-MAR-2021. While NT did not specify people with Ds or DD it is clear they can now get vaccinated.


Direct reference to Down syndrome and developmental disability for Phase 2.

Prince Edward Island

People over 60 living with developmental disabilities – including Down syndrome.
Caregivers included.


Removed previous reference to disability on 09-APR-2021. First province to digress...


Reference to 'Adults with very significant developmental disabilities that increase risk' but not Ds.


All residents now eligible. While YT did not specify people with Ds or DD it is clear they can now get vaccinated.

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