Thank you for considering advocating for people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. We know that if enough Canadians share our message we can ensure COVID vaccines are made a priority for our loved ones.

Here are EIGHT things you can do:

  1. Send a letter or email to your provincial government representative (MLA, MNP, MPP) – here is a sample to get you started.

    • You could also organize a Zoom with friends to write some letters together! Send us a pic of your meeting and we'll share on social media.

    • Your provincial government website can provide you with contact information.​

      Email is a perfectly good way to communicate, but mailed letters work even better.

  2. Sign a petition - or create one for your province and we'll link to it here:

  3. Sign up to our email list.

  4. Share our campaign video with your own networks.

  5. Submit your photo to our Ready For My... Selfie! mini-campaign.

  6. Follow us on Twitter -- and share with your followers.

  7. Follow us on Facebook -- and share with your friends.

  8. Use the hashtag #ReadyForMyShot on social media.

Even better please consider doing many or all of these things! We know if enough people create enough noise change can happen.

And that change -- increased vaccine priority -- will benefit so many who otherwise will be left behind.

Thank you.