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Third COVID Vaccine Shots

Two doses of the COVID vaccine offers strong protection against getting very sick or dying from COVID. And now there is a third shot (sometimes called a booster shot) available in Canada.

Why a Third Shot?


For more information about why the third shot of the COVID vaccine is important to people with developmental disabilities, read Dr. Yona Lunsky’s article here.

In this article Dr. Lunsky says:

“…we have enough justification from research done here and elsewhere

that adults with Down syndrome need to be prioritized for

booster shots, particularly adults over the age of 40 and younger adults with significant comorbidities.

She also says people who live in congregate living settings need to be prioritized for the third COVID shot.

Who Can Get a Third Shot?

People have been wondering about getting the third shot of the COVID vaccine. Some provinces are giving out the third to people with developmental disabilities right now while other provinces are not.

Each province has different rules about who is eligible for a third shot right now. In some provinces you can book an appointment directly with your family doctor or pharmacy. Others require registrations and invitations.


You can learn about third/booster shot eligibility in your province on our Find a Vaccine page.

Connecting with Government

If you think you should be getting your third shot sooner than the government says you can write to your Minister of Health. We will be writing letters too. 

Be sure to send your letter or email to your provincial government health minister:

You can also contact your own representative (MLA, MNP, MPP) with a letter or request a Zoom or in person meeting.

Thank you for advocating for people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. We know that if enough Canadians share our message we can ensure COVID vaccines are made a priority for our loved ones.

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